Our Lessons

I understand that just as every voice is different, every person’s own goals are also different.

Whether you want to train for that once in a lifetime job or if you want to sing your first ever notes in front of another person, we will work together to create a course that is right for you.

A typical lesson will start by developing basic breath control and acknowledge how your entire body supports your breathing and therefore your performance. We will then work on some technical exercise to help develop larynx position and its co-ordination with the desired pitch. We will then put these techniques into practice for the rest of the lesson; performing songs and working on them in sections to get the best from your instrument.

Our singing lessons will be built from a coaching plan I have developed drawing from years of personal experience, performing myself, as a teacher and as a musical director. I am very interested in the overall performance of a song from any genre, it is often not just a case of whether it sounds nice but also 'does the audience believe what you are saying?'.

Selecting a song can be just as important as singing the right notes in the right places, so I always aim for elements of both technique and performance in my lessons. Should you be interested we can also cover any of the following topics:

  • Repertoire Choice
  • Auditioning & Audition Material
  • Working through a variety of genres
  • Studio recording and Mic Technique
  • Songwriting
  • Music Theory
  • Arranging and Harmony Writing
  • Live performance and stage technique
  • Recording a Song or Demo
  • Alex believes that anybody can sing should they put their mind to it. The most important thing is that every singer is confident in his or her voice and that they have built up the skills so that they can sing accurately and (more importantly) safely. Should you wish to, Alex can teach through ABRSM and Trinity grades if you would like the qualification however many of his students simply sing for the love of it. Alex also teaches piano lessons if you are interested in increasing your musical ability on a second instrument.

    To find our more about the lessons don't hesitate to email me at info@singinglessonssouthampton.com or call 03455 087241.

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