Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Southampton

Find best local recording and rehearsal studios.

Singing Lessons Southampton has a celebration everytime that we hear that one of our singing students has entered the recording studio for the first time.

It is such fantastic news and something that every aspiring singer should do at some stage, even just to lay vocals on a famous backing track. Your hours of practise will be well worth it when you have your own CD in your hand! With that in mind we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best recording studios local to Southampton for you to record your vocals in - whether you are a solo artist or a local band. In no order...

SDR Audio Production

SDR Audio Production, based over in Portsmouth, is well worth checking out as a great place to record your first EP. The studio offers the opportunity to record, mix and master tracks under the vastly experienced producer Shaun Rayment. Boasting great daily prices, at £120.00 per day, and first class equipment it will certainly make the trip to Portsmouth worth it.

Untapped Talent

Untapped Talent, located at Unit 3, Southbrook Road, SO15 1BH is a truly remarkable studio that is rammed full of state of the art recording equipment and amazingly rentable for the fix price of just £15 per hour! (Trust me this is a bargain.) Covering all styles and genres of music Untapped Talent studio is well worth checking out if you are a solo performer or a local band wanting to lay down some tracks. With over 10 years of industry experience and some impressive former clients including Band of Skulls and Bullet for My Valentine, they are certainly worth a shout! Untapped Talent also has a rehearsal facility rentable for just £8 per hour, or £30 for a four-hour booking - accessible 24/7 the room is furnished with a PA, backline and drum kit if needed. One of the best recording studios in Southampton, check them out.

Factory Road Studios

Factory Road Studios is a beautifully crafted studio, bringing together some of the worlds best-recording equipment in an environment that is perfect for recording. The studio ran by sound engineer Rob is a labour of love, clearly extremely passionate about the well-designed studio this enthusiasm for recording certainly translates into fantastic sounding records. The studio rentable for £45 per hour, or £35 per hour for unsigned local bands, is the perfect place to record your first EP or mini-album. Located on Factory Road, SO50 5JJ the studio is certainly one you should check out.

Mutant Lab Studios

Mutant Lab Studios located on the 2nd Floor, 10 Bargate Street, SO14 2DA is one of Southampton's best recording and rehearsal facilities. Ran by Mike Taylor, a former live gig engineer and university professor, the lovingly crafted studio boast state of the art recording equipment enabling you to capture your band at its absolute best! Mutant Lab Studios also have an awesome rehearsal facility rentable for as little as £30 for 4 hours - a bargain for local bands. Founded in 2009 the studio has now established itself as one of the top places in Southampton to record within - definitely worth checking out if you are want to record demos, an EP or even an entire album.

River Studios

River Studios is another recording and rehearsal studio in Southampton that all students & musicians should check out. With the blessing and praise of none other than internet sensation & internationally renowned artist Birdy who recorded her first demos with sound engineer Gareth Henderson at River Studios this really is the place for any inspiring solo-artists to go! With a great deal on vocal recordings as well as gift experiences if you are looking for a present for your singing other half. River Studios also has a rehearsal space that you can rent - four beautifully furnished studio rooms that you can sing your heart out in! Check River Studio out.

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